Amp development history 

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Since humans have the dream, we have been trying, hope one day can leave the music, hide in your arms, or they can be repeated. This from hope to try to get to the final process, is in the exploration of human voice in electricity and gradually grope and gradually growing up. 

The speaker. 

In order to better, tells the story of the human history of electroacoustic, we from the first time the human voice to convey to the distant started "telephone". More than one hundred years ago on February 14, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell puts forward in the history of the most important a patent "telephone". The invention makes the human voice to farther than Shouting from then on, humans also understand the relationship between the sound and electricity transformation from then on, and from now on. 
In order to better the playback record is to record sound, in 1910, s. g. Brown will be driving force and vibration membrane separation, invented the armature armature headphones. 
Balanced armature headphones: 
In 1910, Baldwin and invented the 'balanced armature' balanced armature headphones. Armature headphones is in the middle of a u-shaped magnet set up mobile iron (armature), when current flows through the coil armature magnetizing spent absorption phenomena with the magnet, and drive the diaphragm movement at the same time. This kind of design cost is low, although the effect not beautiful, but at the time also is epoch-making invention, this technology use in receiver and mini headphones. 
By the mid - 1930 - s, according to the principle of capacitive microphone, electrostatic loudspeaker. In the early 1950 s, American c. v. Bocciarelli proposed 'constant charge' constant charge rule. P. Walker, at the same time the same independent development theory, and its application in the design of the famous Quad electrostatic loudspeaker.