The processor + former level effect K5

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Performance characteristics:
Karaoke effect of mixer has the speaker processor function, function of each part can be adjusted independently.
Mixer adopts 24 bit data bus and 32 bit DSP.
Mixer music has seven parameter equilibrium. Music to the main output high-pass filter: 12 db / 24 db (0 hz - 303 hz)
Mixer receiver has 15 parameter equilibrium. Mike wind pressure limit function.
In pieces the main output has 5 parameter equilibrium. A compression limiting device.
Rear pieces of output, the output and low equilibrium has three parameters.
There are four pieces microphone feedback inhibition pattern: OFF 1 2 3.
The mixer can store 16 kinds of mode.
Microphone output, the main output and the output, subwoofer output, rear with pressure limit output and time delay function.
Pieces with management mode and user mode, the user mode cannot store after adjusting parameters.
This machine is equipped with a fully functional menu, can be set up by powerful PC interface.
Technical parameters:
Model: 5 channel K5/3 K3
Maximum input level: 4 v (RMS)
The maximum output level: 4 v (RMS)
Music channel gain: MAX: 12 db
The microphone sensitivity: 64 mv (Out: 4 v)
Signal to noise ratio: > 80 db
The input voltage: 220 v, 50 hz
Size (length x width x height) : 483 * 225 * 52 mm
Net weight: 3.7 Kg
Gross weight: 4.5 Kg