4.24C Digital frequency divider 

Time:2015-12-17 | Read:315 | Posted: Site Editor

Product features

4.24 C digital frequency divider/system processor with a user interface coupled four eight input and output, and as a precise frequency divider and voice control system required by all of the audio signal processing tools. Simple to use convenient, even without manual manipulation. Can control each input gain, time delay, and six filter (you can set each filter to filter parameters or high and low pass filter). Can set points of each output frequency and specify any combination of input or any input. In addition, it can be programmed to control four filter (you can choose each filter filter for a parameter or high and low pass filter), adjust the delay time and the output gain, reverse phase, control of compressor/equalizer in order to protect the speaker system. The appearance of this processor size is 1 standard rack space, input/output type for the XLR connectors. Of course, you can also through Ashly ProteaSystem Software (95, 98, 2000 and Windows NT platform), MIDI or SIA - Smaart for programming and control Software. Preset calls, input level, output level and mute function can also be through AMX NetLink System (AMX web link System) to control. All in all, Protea 4.24 C is for fixed installation and field amplification system of the powerful tools.

4.24 C features:

1 rack space 4 input, 8 output can specify any input to the output frequency division, balanced, latency and amplitude limit function with Linkwitz - Riley, Bessel and Butterworth filter filter slope respectively 12,18,24,48 dB/octave parametric equalizer, bandpass, 1/64 to 4 octave range input and output delay each output has limiter intuitive user interface through the front panel, PC or MIDI program-controlled AMX compatible network link control specialized input and output level meter XLR balanced input and output audio signal connector