Speakers of choose and buy skills 

Time:2013-11-28 | Read:645 | Posted: Site Editor
A preliminary understanding 
For a pair of speakers at first to understand, can use "view, phase modulation, knock, recognize" the steps to identify: the concept of a process, the two phase modulation weight, knock three boxes, four brand recognition. 
Is a view from the speaker's first appearance as to determine the time and quality: made of natural wood seiko speakers best, of course, many high level of world famous brand ultimate speakers, including Italian Chario (Chario), Guarneri Homage (Eric clapton), etc., but such good box for environmental protection, resources processing difficulty is big, time is long, will not spread like the ubiquitous "rejoice" shampoo, certainly can't low price. So common loudspeaker is MDF medium density fiberboard (MDF) surface coated with a thin layer of wood do adornment: apply real wood veneer seiko exteriors speakers, especially such as acid, birds eye, flower pear, walnut, frame nan, red oak, such as rare wood, its natural wood grain visual effect very good, soapy feel comfortable. Especially in symmetric butterfly pattern real wood veneer by multi-layer Shanghai juji polished piano lacquer, most can be regarded as upscale boutique speakers, few knockoffs. Leather with PVC (sand Billy) plastic box belongs to the interior, fine workmanship, best can only calculate cheap stuff. By this paper cover decoration box although looks very should pay more attention to stick a skin behind the casing joints and speakers to install a digging process are accurate in place. Fake and inferior products are usually don't pay attention to these details, so a little heart can correct judgment. 
Two is ok weight: good speakers are mostly 18 ~ 25 mm high quality MDF particle board make, upscale flagship speakers in rosewood, yellow pomelo overweight, such as solid wood or multi-layer composite plywood to build, so the weight is very surprising. Often a pair of speakers net weight 50 kg. Low-standard regarded mostly USES the quality of a material soft particle board, fake and inferior products are more use inferior quality paper glue board, therefore, generally lighter in weight. Sound very "adept" quality, dilettante phase modulation weight, weight of the speakers are believed to be better than light box. But watch out undesirable businessman in the sound body filling sand at the bottom of the cement weight to deceive consumers. 
Three is to knock cabinet: with knuckles on mask before and after the body up and down or so, enclosure, sends the face heavy fact and slight fragile feeling plate hard thick, how much internal root reinforcement support, enclosure structure is reasonable, strong, has a variety of sound insulation and preventing measures of standing wave effects. This kind of case processing and high cost, difficult, so few fake and inferior products. If use knuckles on casing "poof, poof" empty ring, specification sheet is too thin, the poor quality material, the structure is not reasonable. And no sound-absorbing material or internal reinforcement, which leads to the formation of a box body with a large number of diffuse and standing wave. The sound box of choose and buy, can never achieve good replay effect. 
Four is to recognize nameplate: really good speakers have a fast well-made gold plated or chrome plated nameplate marking, nameplate would generally be engrave has distinctive brand, company, name, origin, corresponding indexes, etc. Imported cases have English such as: Made in XXX or Manufacture and corresponding trademark, speakers etc. If only Designin... Design (XX) or vague mark only one name, in addition to simple and highly precise even several basic indicators can't producers, also can't see, no registration of trademarks. These 3 without the product most are fake and shoddy. Famous speaker pays attention to brand image and corporate reputation, thus nameplate marking very specification, delicate, the indicators and enterprise name, origin from soup to nuts. Even some nameplates made of thin metal plating 24 k gold, the font and AoTuGan above. Products not only have production date, production number, and even a matching serial number and with the case id. For this type of speaker, as long as the price is reasonable, generally can be at ease to choose.